About Us

Agents of Peace, was created in response to the growth of violent extremism and radicalization leading to terrorism acts against innocent lives in Kenya. Agents of Peace main work is to Prevent and to Counter Violent Extremism and Radicalization within our community and to promote peaceful coexistence among our society regardless of Religious, Ethnicity and tribal backgrounds.

What We Do

Agents of peace, organizes various activities and programs throughout the year. Our activities include street campaigns addressing and awareness on violent extremism and terrorism, peace walks against terrorism attacks, peace summit with religious leaders to address radicalization and true meaning of jihad in Islam and university programs on preventing/countering violent extremism and radicalization leading to terrorism. As Agents of Peace we strive to eradicate the myths, negative perceptions and assumptions within Kenyan Communities on religious, ethnicity and tribal grounds, which leads to some young people becoming alienated and disempowered.

Extremists of all persuasions aim to develop destructive relationships between different communities by promoting division, fear and mistrust of others based on ignorance or prejudice and thereby limiting the life chances of young people.

Education, dialogue and forum of discussions is a powerful weapon against this; equipping young people with the knowledge, skills and critical thinking, to challenge and debate in an informed way.

Any prejudice, discrimination or extremist views, including derogatory language, based on religion, ethnicity or tribal displayed by religious leaders, student or youth within our community will always be challenged and, where appropriate, dealt with according to both Christian and Islamic values.


To provide a platform for peace in which people’s differences and misunderstanding can be dealt with non-violently and through dialogue and discussions.


To promote peaceful co-existence among our societies regardless of religion, ethnicity, race and colour.

Our Team